Mobility power lift chairs like Pride Mobility Viva Power Lift Chairs are popular in many homes. They are an ideal aid to help not only the elderly, but anyone with mobility issues. The chairs are designed to help with sitting and standing while giving a comfortable seat that can also recline. For many people, there is still a worry over safety. Before you buy one of these power lift chairs, there are some things you should know that may make your choice easier. 

Slow Rise in Elevation

If you are concerned about the rise in elevation being too fast or painfully slow for you or your loved one, consider this: many of the mobility chairs on the market have a button operation. This button can be set to rise at a level that is suitable for your needs or a loved one. This can be changed if you find yourself getting better or if you find the current speed causes pain or is too fast and causes dizziness. 

Heat and Massage

As the design for mobility power lift chairs advances, so do the options on them. You may be concerned about your muscles and how they will feel in the chair after an extended time. Two of the options power lift chairs are seeing is the ability to have heat settings and massage settings. If you require heat therapy for your back, hips, or legs you can set the heat on the chair and receive the therapy in a comfortable location. If you need a massage to help your muscles from becoming stiff, then the massage option can also be set. You can also set the level or every type of massage depending on the type of chair you have. 

Chair Positions

When you first consider a mobility chair, you may only think of the standing and sitting functions of the chair. There are actually many chair positions depending on the chair you choose. These chair positions can help you to recline, sit up partially, have your legs higher than your heart, and many other settings. These settings are designed for health and wellness as well as comfort, and to ensure the injury is reduced from sitting. 

By considering the safety points you should know before buying a power lift chair, you can make a choice that is educated and knowledgeable. When you are ready to purchase a chair, or specifically the Viva power lift chair, contact your area mobility chair dealers. They can guide you through a line of chairs and show you the key features of each model.