Tattoo regret is a terrible thing. No matter your reason for hating that piece of artwork etched on your skin, living with something you dislike but have to look at every day is a tough punishment. Luckily, your tattoo's permanent status isn't always so permanent. By heading to a shop with a tattoo removal laser, you can shake those tattoo regret blues and have skin as clear as the day you were born. Read on for a list of five reasons to get rid of that tattoo. 

You're All Out of Love

In those early, heady days of a new romance, getting your loved one's name tattooed on your body seems like the ultimate expression of a love that will last a lifetime. But sometimes the love doesn't last, and you're left inked with the name of someone whose name you swear you'll never say again. This is a good reason to hunt down a tattoo removal shop. 

You've Moved On

Maybe you were just itching to turn 18 and be old enough to get your first tattoo. So you got one, but then you grew up and that thing you thought was so cool when you were 18 is much less cool at 30. Perhaps you don't like that cartoon character anymore, your favorite band from your teen years broke up, or you have a tattoo that espouses a lifestyle you no longer follow. Get rid of that thing!

It's Ugly

Sometimes, tattoos just don't look good. The tattoo artist might not have been as talented as you hoped. Maybe the word tattooed on your arm is misspelled. The good news is that these tattoos can be removed as soon as they're healed. There's no reason to live with bad art. Sometimes tattoos fade as they age. A faded tattoo could be reinked if you still love it, or it can be removed entirely if you don't. 

You Have a New Career

Some career paths don't allow for certain tattoo placement or any tattoos at all. You can cover your tattoos with long sleeves and pants, but that tattoo on the back of your hand is a little tougher to cover. Some bosses might be more lenient than others, but the military especially has a strict policy on tattoo placement. 

You Want Something New

Maybe your shoulder is the perfect spot for a new tattoo, but you already have something there! You could find an artist to skillfully cover what you already have and give you some fresh ink, or you could have that old tattoo removed and start all over. It's up to you -- after all, it's your shoulder!