A hearing aid should fit comfortably in your ear and allow you to hear clearly and succinctly. However, over time, your hearing aid may no longer fit comfortably in your ear or may not allow you to hear as clearly as you could when you originally purchased the aid. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to replace your hearing aid when this occurs. While you may reach a point where your hearing aid does need to be replaced, in many cases, adjusting it can help to solve the common problems that you are having with the hearing aid, allowing you to extend its lifespan. Here are a few of the common signs that your hearing aid may need to be adjusted. 

You're Experiencing Discomfort in Your Ear

Your hearing aid should fit comfortably in and around your ear. However, the hearing aid may change shape as it is worn and used. Most things you use on a regular basis begin to deteriorate and wear out slowly. This is also true for the hearing aids. But their wear pattern may not always be even. This can cause discomfort in and around your ear. In some cases, the hearing aids can be adjusted to help them fit properly. In other cases, they may need to be remolded. 

You Hear Whistling or Static

The second sign that your hearing aid may need to be adjusted is that you hear a whistling sound or static when no one is talking. This can be annoying to listen to. In most cases, this is caused by improperly handling your hearing aids or attempting to self-adjust the hearing aids. Fortunately for you, both of these problems can easily and quickly be fixed simply by having the hearing aid adjusted by a professional. 

You Are Having Trouble Hearing Well

The last reason why your hearing aid may need to be adjusted is because you are having trouble hearing well. This can be caused by problems with the hearing aid or a further reduction in your hearing. Either way, a hearing aid can be adjusted so that it can help you to hear clearly once again. 

If your hearing aid has become uncomfortable, is making sounds when no one is speaking, or if you are having trouble hearing, it may be time to have your hearing aid adjusted. Your audiologist or the company who fitted you for and sold you the hearing aid can help you adjust the hearing aid, ensuring that you can hear clearly while also remaining comfortable. Consult a company who specializes in hearing devices, such as Pacific Hearing Care, today to get your hearing aid adjusted.