Disneyland is a huge theme park and there is a lot of walking involved. Whether you are visiting for one day or one week, you may find yourself wondering if you will be able to comfortably walk the park if you have trouble walking, standing for long periods of time or have recently sustained an injury to your leg, back, knee or ankle. If you are in this position, renting an electric powerchair may be a great option. You can get around the park without having to walk, and most line queue even allows you to remain on your chair so you don't have to stand in line. While you can rent powerchairs from Disney themselves, there are many benefits to renting from an offsite rental company. Here are a few of those benefits. 

You Have Access to the Powerchair Outside of the Parks

One of the major benefits of renting a powerchair from an offsite rental company is that you have access to the powerchair outside of the parks. When you rent a powerchair from Disney, you can only use the chair while you are in their parks. When you leave for the evening, you have to walk out of the gates and then back to your hotel shuttle spot or to the hotel itself. From there, you have to walk up to your room. It can still be a lot of walking. An offsite rental company will bring the rental right to your hotel or vacation home rental, allowing you to access it the entire duration of your trip, not just when you are Disney. When your vacation is over, they will pick it up from your hotel as well. 

The Cost is Cheaper

Another benefit to renting a powerchair from an offsite rental company is the price. It is significantly cheaper to rent a scooter or electric powerchair from an offsite company that to rent the device daily at Disney. If budget is a factor, offsite rentals have the upper hand. 

Your Chair May Stand Out

The last benefit to renting a powerchair from an offsite rental company is that your chair may stand out from the sea of other chairs. Hundreds of people rent powerchairs each day at Disneyland. If you have ever been before and seen them lined up outside for a ride, you know that the ones from Disney all look the same. The only difference is a small name tag on the back of the chair. You may have to wade through a sea of identical looking powerchairs just to find yours. Instead, you can rent from an offsite company who offers powerchairs in different colors and shapes than the ones Disney does, so yours will stand out after you get off rides or watch shows. 

Disneyland is not a cheap destination. If you are investing in a trip to this fantasyland, you will want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Renting a powerchair can help you get around without walking more than you can handle. This helps you stay happy when visiting the happiest place on Earth. 

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